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LivE Without Nasties...

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Less than 9 Calories

Sugar Free

All Natural

Full Bold Flavour


We are inspired by creating a world where flavour and health go together without compromise.

We also love soft drinks... but had given up the sweet bubbly goodness because of the sugar... and artificial sweeteners.  

We knew we could do better - So we did. 

We created Naked Life – to give you back full flavoured soft drinks that are naked from sugar, calories, any artificial sweeteners or any other nasties!

This is full flavoured soft drink - completely guilt free. 

Naked from nasties and full of life!













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Bold Flavours

Naked Life is about "Living - Without the nasties". 

Our big and bold flavours are at the heart of this. This is definitely NOT sparkling water with a "hint" of flavour ... this is a full flavoured soft drink.

All of our drinks are refreshing, sweet, zingy, tangy, tasty and all things great. There has been no compromise in sweetness or flavour in our quest to give you a sugar free, all natural and less than 9 calorie beverage!!

You can taste all the natural ingredients in every sip - like a party - you know where.!


Ginger and Pomegranate

Spicy and earthy ginger, refreshing lemon hit and a hint of pomegranate at the end.

Made with punchy ginger, lemon and pomegranate extracts 

Full flavour... less than 7 calories!

Lemonade With Cucumber

Super refreshing lemonade with something extra. Lemon hits the mouth and cucumber hits the nose! Familiar and distinctive.

Made with lots of real lemon lime, mint and cucumber extracts.

Full flavour... less than 7 calories!

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Lemon Citrus Squash

Lots o lemon. Your tongue will know you've had an old school lemon squash here. Tart, sour and sweet. 

Made with a heap of natural lemon extract

Full flavour... less than 9 calories!

Natural Cola

This is cola as it's meant to be. Citrusy and refreshing with hints of vanilla and mint.  

Made with real cola flavour and without the dodgy phosphoric acid or 150d colour!

Full flavour... less than 7 calories!
















How is it full of flavour and less than 9 calories per bottle?

To give you your sweet back, we use a blend of 100% natural blend of Stevia extract and Monk fruit extract and erythritol (derived from fermenting starches in fruit and veges) which gives you a flavour profile just like sugar!

We then use a variety of natural flavour extracts such as lemon, lemon zest, lime, mint, cucumber, ginger, pomegranate and more to give you flavour with a punch.  All of our flavours are made here in Australia and  all 100% natural.


Living - Without the Nasties

We aren't just soft drink lovers and crusaders, we are concerned consumers for our families.  That is why we formulated our soft drinks to be: 

Low GI

Fructose Free

No Artificial sweeteners

No Artificial preservatives

No Artificial colours

No phosphoric acid

No Caramel 150b colour

BPA Free

GMO Free